You will be presented with a series of Notice and Choose prompts. Writing your answers to these prompts will give you greater insight into your strengths and interests and how you might explore them further.

After responding to Notice and Choose prompts, you are encouraged to compose a Tell once per term. The Tell is a brief narrative that summarizes your reflections. Your Tell, unlike any other responses or scratch work in your notepad, should summarize "big picture" realizations about yourself and your experiences at Union. You can revise your Tell as many times as you want before you finalize and share it, just as you will finalize personal statements before including them in applications for jobs, graduate schools, or fellowships. N C T makes it easy to share your tell with your professors, advisors, or other Union mentors if you want to.

In N C T, everything you write is private until you choose to share it. Nothing is sent anywhere automatically.

Need inspiration? We’ve included some sample responses that can get you started. Just use "Inspire Me" to see them. And if you write a really great answer, inspire others by sending it in! It could appear on Inspire Me sometime in the future.

From your Dashboard, choose which type of prompt to answer.